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Our Services

Design and Manufacture of Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Units

We design and manufacture pharmaceutical water manufacturing unit and preparation unit according to the customer's needs.
  CAD design
  3D CAD production
  Design and Manufacture of Wastewater   Treatment / Inactivation Units
  Plans of Preparation Units
  Preparation Units
  Inspection of Vessels

Cell Culture Equipment

We recommend this for use from basic microbial cultures to cell cultures.

Design and Manufacture of Wastewater Treatment / Inactivation Units

Proper treatment is required for biohazard wastewater generated in the process of manufacturing pharmaceuticals. We provide wastewater treatment / inactivation units corresponding to the level of the pharmaceutical manufacturing plant.

Development and Design of Instrumentation and Control System

We provide an instrumentation system ideal for each process, which is one of the key parts of the manufacturing process.

Endoscope Pipe Inspection and Validation

We inspect the inside of the pipes thoroughly with a high performance endoscope.
We support customer’s validation, which is essential for manufacturing facilities conforming to GMP.


Aftercare duties of each facilities

①Scheduled maintenance of facilities
For maintenance of the stable facilities operation, we suggest the hard check that accepted facilities, apparatus operation check, calibration.
②Diagnosis of facilities

Maintenance services provided through collaboration with SHI-ATEX CO., LTD.

①3D laser instrumentation & measurement
Using a 3D laser scanner we acquire the geometric information of a device or equipment as point cloud data and carry out analysis.
②Examination of FCR-digital radiation
 FCR is the abbreviation of Fuji computed Radiography which as a substitute for radiographic film for conventional factories, is a radiation inspection system that makes digital video diagnosis using imaging plate (IP)
③The Phased Array Ultrasonic Testing (PAUT) method.
・Inspection is possible for points that are difficult to scan by other electronic inspection methods.
・Objective and continuous evaluation is possible by saving all of the inspection wave form data.
・We can offer a result that is easily interpreted by superimposing a figure of CAD on the PAUT image.
                                                                                                                   SHI-ATEX CO.,LTD.
Point cloud data collection
Synthesis, Analysis, Simulation
Inner Pipe Residual Liquid Inspection
3D Scanner


We want to grow as an enterprise, but at the same time, contribute to our community. We also like to think about our global environment, so we work for a variety of issues and carry out research on them.

Research and Development

Research and Development Projects
2005 Project Subsidized by Shikoku Bureau of Economy, Trade & Industry
[Development and Manufacturing of energy-saving refrigerating machine utilizing hydrogen energy]
2009 Project for Small and Medium Manufacturing Enterprises to Support Product Development
[High Value Added Fermented Products Project by Developing Process Automation Plant for Koji (malted rice) Fermentation and Purification]
2010 Project on Technical Developments of Global Warming Prevention, Ministry of Environment
[Technical Development in MH Water Cooler Utilizing Waste Heat and Solar Heat to Reduce Carbon Dioxide in Food Industry]

Measures for Environment

The sunlight panel of 30kw installed in Hiuchi Factory
Challenge 25 campaign
Callenge25 Campaign” is to propose a definite action to reduce CO2, and also a national campaign to appeal its practice to the people all over Japan. We are going to work for the prevention of global warming, and participate in this national campaign. 

Approach to the ISO

Management philosophy
We help to contribute to society by offering reliable service and exceptional products which help to enrich people’s lives.
Quality Policy
Goals of GRAB100 (medium and long-term) business plan
・Establishment as a leading pharmaceutical plant unit manufacturer.
・Development of new business areas. (starting overseas business, new business solution,     and new products)
・Consciously working to make continuous improvements as a responsible company.             (improving management skills)
Integration of Business/Business Processes of ISO 9001
1. We will use ISO9001 as a tool to fulfill the management and business goals of                    GRAB100, continue the PDCA cycle, evaluate the effectiveness of our business                    processes and business performance, and continuously improve where needed.
2. We will understand our customer's expectations and needs, and will utilize the                    strengths of our employees, partners and cooperating companies to provide products          and services that satisfy our customers.
3. With the management and business goals of GRAB100 as quality targets, all divisions          will work on policy managemant (action plans) for issues and policy development to            achieve thier goals.
4. We will strive to improve GRAB100 and TMS by aligning changes in the internal and            external structure with the needs and expectation of stakeholders inside and outside the      company.
Guidelines of “Think and Act”
“Quality is people”
We are aware that our job quality holds the key which affects our products and our service. So, we are always trying to acquire a higher skill level and to always do our best so that we can meet our customer’s needs as best as possible. 
“Improvement is duty”
We are always striving to improve our standing with the outside environment such as with customers, the market, partnership companies and our in-house environment which involves variation of new technologies and methodologies by us. We also review our job thinking and efficiency, and carry out continual improvement. 
“Integration and cooperation”
We integrate and think about our business, techniques, financial situation and all other factors regarding the law. In addition to that, we promise to keep supplying high quality products and service combining our creative power and efforts so as to attain a higher level.
“What is Think and Act?”
We think that it is to think about important things that matter: that is, to help contribute to society by putting our heads together and then carrying out our ideas and plans immediately. 
We express to carry this quality policy out uniting all of us together
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