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Preparation Equipment①
Preparation Equipment②
Culture Apparatus

Local Cooler Unit

①Full length dimensions are 650 mm with multi-level tube adaption.
   (Unit external dimensions 650×650×1700)
②SIP is possible with an air filter in-line if you can prepare a PS line for the utility.
③A conductivity meter is standard equipped and it can provide results after the quality of
 the water is confirmed.
Our internally developed heat exchanger ,dubbed “Gekisokun” has been subjected to repeated performance and breakdown tests.
We have since continued to improve the design and acquired a patent.
We will design it to your specification.
※2011 Japanese Patent No.5047251

Heat Exchanger: "Gekisokun", Double-tube sheet type sanitary multi-tube heat exchanger .

It has test for performance and endurance test many times had a patent We repeat performance, a breakdown test, and self-developed heat exchanger"Gekisoukun" (2011 Japanese Patent No.5047251) 
We will design the heat exchanger as desired by a customer.
At the time of gekisokun (gekisokun), 3DCAD drawing, the body, shell wearing
"Gekisoukun" 3DCAD drawing, the main body, at mounting of the shell
Item Type
Supply capacity
(specified flow rate)
85℃⇒ 25
85℃⇒ 25
85℃⇒ 25
Chilled water side 7℃⇒15℃ 5.0m3/h 7.2m3/h 20.0m3/h
Heating area 1.121㎡ 2.215㎡ 5.478㎡
 Item The tube side The shell side
Design pressure 0.3MPaG 0.3MPaG
Design temperature 138 85
(finish: buffing #400+ Electric polish)
(finish: Picking)
 ①Achieved the highly hygienic by preventing liquid accumulation with giving the gradient to the tube
 ②The compact design employed multi-tube and multi-layer type
 ③Reduction of the cost by a structure absorbing therrmal expansion
    ※We contribute the local cooler unit equipped "Gekisoukun"

Residual Liquid Collection System

This system reduces liquid lost during filtration. Our in-house tests using a 10m long 1S pipe resulted in a loss reduction of roughly 1L.
※2018 Japanese Patent No.6279359
Residual Liquid Collection System
Piping Diagram
Piping Diagram

Sanitary Check Valves with ferrule connections

■Specification (IDF/ISO standard 3-A standard)
heruruchakki dialect for the sanitary
Ferrule Check valves for Sanitary Use
Type Nominal diameter Connection
The body
Valve opening
minimum pressure difference
CRCF3/4 3/4 3A ferrule 3/4" SUS304 1.6MPa 0.002MPa 0~135℃
CRCF015 15A ISO ferrule 15A SUS304 1.6MPa 0.002MPa 0~135℃
CRCF020 20A ISO ferrule 1S SUS304 1.6MPa 0.002MPa 0~135℃
CRCF032 32A ISO ferrule 1.5S SUS304 1.6MPa 0.002MPa 0~135℃
CRCF040 40A ISO ferrule 2S SUS304 1.6MPa 0.002MPa 0~135℃

 ①Employed ferrule connection method for standard 
      Employed ferrule connection type supporting IDF/ISO standards and 3A sanitary standard.
 ②Realized miniaturization of the size
  Achieved space saving without any mounting place
 ③Suitable for sanitary use
  The body scraped out from stainless steel that can be used in the clean room

Foreign Manufactured Products That We Offer

Agitators, Manufactured By MAVAG AG in Switzerland

Magnetic agitators of MAVAG are suitable for homogenization, blending, dissolution and so on.
They are widely used and appreciated in the pharmaceutical,biotechnology, food & beverage, and fine chemical industries.
■Standard specifications
MAVADRIVE® magnet type stirrer example impeller type / MDB50 .100.300.600.1200
MAVADRIVE® magnetic agitatorImpeller type / MDB50・100・300・600・1200
 MDB 50  300-440  50  60-558  0.25  80  60
 MDB 100  400-550  100  60-558  0.25  100  95
 MDB 300  600-850  300  50-500  0.37  150  95
 MDB 600  700-950  600  50-500  0.55  175  120
 MDB 1200  800-1100  1200  50-500  0.75  200  160
 ①High Cleanability Structure 
  ・No leakage & no reservoir of liquid enabled by seal less structure
  ・Patented blades which increase flowability
  ・Suitable structure for CIP / SIP 
  ・Best possible gap between impeller and containment shell 
 ②Low Maintenance
  Simple structure enables low maintenance. Spare parts are readily available. 
  Minimal wear on bearings through the use of high performance ceramics.

ASME BPE fittings, Manufactured By G HWA Industries in Thailand

Fittings for sanitary use
    Fittings for sanitary use
G HWA Industries has a wide range of fittings and ASME BPE is one
of them. Products are manufactured under the severe quality control.
●ASME BPE Product Specification
  316L, chemical composition in accordance with ASME BPE-2009
      Table DT-3
      304L, 1.4404 and 1.4435 also available
  According to ASME BPE-2009 Table DT-5 and Table DT-6
 ■Weld Ends
  Weld ends of tubes and fittings are prepared for orbital automatic             tube welding
 ■Surface finish
  Mechanical polish from 0.81μm through to 0.38 μm
      Electropolishing and other requirements are available upon request
 ■Test Procedures
  Control of dimensions, end preparation, internal surface roughness           measurements and visual inspection
 ■Product Marking
  G HWA, part number, heat number, ASME BPE and surface finish               designation
  Certified material test report 3.1 as per DIN EN 10204/ASTM A1016
      Prematerial certification available upon request

Rupture discs, Manufactured By DonadonSDD in Italy

DonadonSDD manufactures and sells high quality safety products and devices for industrial plants such as rupture discs with matching disc holders along with accessory products such as rupture indicators, explosion venting panels, and safety valves. They offer a high level of focus and technology that make them optimal for use in pharmaceutical and other manufacturing applications.
The three major benefits of these products are:
Extreme production customization, which means developing new solutions every time tailored to the customer's needs rather than offering standardized products, so as to guarantee the top-level performance.
High production speed, which allows for a speedy delivery, while still keeping the same exacting standards of precision.
Excellent quality/price ratio, which allows companies to adopt high quality solutions with a reasonable investment.
As an authorized seller of DonadonSDD's products in Japan, please contact us to discuss your equipment needs and to obtain a quotation.

Hygienic and high purity process transfer hoses By PTFX in the UK

Puresil-Techniflex (PTFX) are a leading manufacturer and supplier of high purity produced hygienic and high purity process transfer hoses, valves and tubing components across a wide range of Industry groups including pharmaceuticals, biotechnology Life sciences and cosmetics industry sectors.
Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology:
 ・High Purity smooth bore Silicone rubber and PTFX lined Process hoses fitted   with sanitary end connections in a range of sizes and formats.
 ・USP Class VI High Purity Transfer and Peristaltic Pump Tubing
 ・Simple-Use Custom Moulded Components
 ・Over-Moulded end fittings for flexible hoses & tubing
 ・High Purity TPE and Fluoropolymer tubing components
The range of standard and Specialised components and materials available from PTFX is varied and not limited to the above list.
Further technical information and specifications for all process hoses, tubing and mating connectors for all applications is available on request.

Measuring instruments for pressure and temperature By LABOM in Germany

LABOM's measuring equipment for pressure, fill level and temperature can be applied to process systems in a variety of industries including pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, and chemicals. These hygenic instruments are manufactured in line with GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) guideline and meet FDA (Food and Drug Administration) and EHEDG (European Hygienic Engineering & Design Group) standards.
 ・Hygienic surfaces, electropolished on request
 ・Easy-to-clean housing, sealed against dust and water jets (IP class 65 or 67)
 ・Elimination of dead zones, for instance through the use of "inline technology" to            prevent residues
 ・Aseptic process connections, suitable for CIP or SIP cleaning
 ・Stainless steel 1.4404 or 1.4435, on request according to BN2 (Basel standard),            tantalum, monel, hastelloy or special FDA-approved coatings
 ・DIN EN ISO 9001:2008
 ・Pressure Equipment Directive 2014/68/EU
 ・ATEX 2014/34/EU
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